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You have many things to consider when faced with divorce or ending a relationship, but nothing is more important than your children. As a parent, your first priority must be to protect your children and do what is in your children’s best interests. Unfortunately, no matter what you do, your children are affected by the end of your marriage or relationship. Your job is to make the transition as easy as possible for them. You need an experienced family law attorney who can help you achieve this.

In Colorado, child custody is referred to as allocation of parental responsibilities. Not only does this address the amount of time children spend with each parent, it also takes into account which parent and to what extent each makes important decisions in the child’s life. The allocation of parental responsibilities is determined either by the parent-designed parenting plan or by the court when the parents are unable to come to terms on an agreement.

If you are going through a divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities will be determined as part of the dissolution proceedings. If you have never been married, but have children together, then a petition for allocation of parental responsibilities will need to be filed. A determination of allocation of parental responsibilities can be determined at temporary and at permanent orders.

Putting Your Child’s Best Interest First

Experienced family law attorneys understand how important it is to protect your children during the process of dissolving a marriage or ending a relationship. Cline Law Firm understands that this protection begins from the moment the petition for dissolution of marriage or petition for allocation of parental responsibilities is filed.

Whether your goal is to make the transition easy on your child and maintain a cooperative parenting relationship with your soon-to-be ex, or you have concerns about your child’s safety and you want him or her protected from your spouse, we do whatever it takes to support you and your child.

Your Attorney Works as an Advocate for Your Child

Not only is your family law attorney your advocate, he or she is also an advocate for your child. Experienced attorneys understand your priorities and make them their own. Issues pertaining to where your child will live, how much time they will spend with each parent and which parent will make major decisions regarding your child can be very sensitive and unless you have someone in your corner, you cannot be certain the court will make the best decision for you and your child.

What Do You Do When Things Change?

Life takes many twists and turns, and if you are divorced or separated with children, these changes can affect your life as a parent. Modifying a parenting plan to accommodate life changes is possible, but it requires legal expertise. Just as you did during your divorce or separation, you must navigate the complicated legal system when modifying a parenting plan. You need the experience of a family law attorney.

Your children are your greatest accomplishment and the most important thing in your life. If you are going through a divorce or separation or you have concerns about your current parenting plan, Cline Law Firm can help. Contact the Cline Law Firm at (303) 376-6269 to schedule a consultation to discuss more about allocation of parental responsibility issues.

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