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Understanding Parental Responsibilities and the Law

Being a divorced family has its challenges, but understanding your rights and putting your child’s best interest first makes it easier. This is true as you transition into divorce, as well as after your divorce is final and your child is spending time separately with you and your former spouse. Laws regarding child visitation are designed to protect children and help families make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. As a divorced parent, it is your responsibility to understand these laws and do your best to ensure the arrangement you agreed to or were given in court is followed.

What are the most important things you should know about parental responsibilities?

Parents Have the Right to Spend Time with Their Children

As long as the court determines a child is safe when he or she is with either parent, both parents will be granted time with children. This is both a privilege and a responsibility and it should not be taken lightly. Neglecting this assigned visitation time with your child can affect your ability to see your child in the future.

You Have the Right to Take Legal Action if Your Former Spouse Attempts to Interfere with Your Assigned Visitation Time

Unfortunately, divorced parents sometimes use their children as pawns against one another. If your former spouse is being manipulative and it affects your time with your child, you should seek legal assistance. It might be tempting to battle it out and fight with your spouse over visitation issues, but that could hurt you in the long run. Contact an experienced family law attorney that understands parental rights and can help you defend your right to spend time with your child.

Visitation and Custody Arrangements Can Be Altered, Provided They Remain in the Best Interest of the Children

Life goes on after divorce and sometimes that requires changes to a visitation schedule. If long-term changes are needed in an existing agreement, you must notify the court. For instance, if a parent can no longer fulfill his or her visitation responsibilities because of work, the court will have a say in the altered agreement. Sometimes this is just a matter of submitting a new arrangement for court approval, but in more contentious cases, the court will design a new schedule.

Remember, the court system will do everything possible to protect your child and make things as easy as possible on him or her. The court also considers how important it is for both parents to be a part of their child’s lives. If you are frustrated by issues related to visitation, take a step back and consider your child’s point of view. Ultimately, an arrangement must be what is best for your child, even if it is not ideal for you.

Do you have concerns about visitation or parental rights? Experienced legal support can help you understand your rights and protect your child. To discuss your situation with a family law attorney, contact Michele Blair.

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